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We specialize in custom made products - furniture, lining, doors and whatever else you need. We replicate historical windows and doors, and also service them (in this case the whole process is supervised by a highly experienced team of professionals and conservators). We offer a wide range of various solutions designed to fit your needs.

We will be happy to take care of the project, construction and mounting.


Every project starts with precise measuring. Then we come up with a concept and visual simulation. If there is a project that for some reason cannot be completed within our company, external architects and designers are involved.


We use various materials depending on our clients’ needs. European wood is preferable when it comes to objects made from wood veneer and solid wood. Glass, metal and other materials and services are used in further stages.


Mounting is often a crucial part of the whole process. This is why all the objects are packed, delivered and mounted by skilled professionals from M2wood.